Sit down, relax, stay as long as you'd like... because that inviting feeling you get when you first enter Pleasant View Village is no mistake. We've worked hard to design and build environment that welcomes family values, community togetherness, and a puts a brand new face on a traditional way of living. Wide walkways, green parks, and sharing the styling of some of our most beautiful historic American cities, you are sure not only to feel at home, but to be happy to be there, too.

A Simple Concept

The acronym TND stands for Traditional Neighborhood Development, a comprehensive planning system that includes a variety of housing types and land uses in a defined area. The variety of uses permits educational facilities, civic buildings and commercial establishments to be located within walking distance of private homes. A TND is served by a network of paths, streets and lanes suitable for pedestrians as well as vehicles. This provides residents the option of walking, biking or driving to places within their neighborhood.

Neighborhood Corridors

A New Way Of Life

Growing rapidly, Pleasant View Village consists of small businesses, commercial spaces, lofts, single and multi-family dwellings, all blended together to create a traditional, harmonious neighborhood. Homes in "The Village" are carefully designed with that desirable old town look and feel. Being a true mixed-used development, Pleasant View Village features a beautiful Village Square with shops, services, and dining, all within walking distance for everyone who shares the neighborhood.